Area Nets

Nets in the Dayton Area

Below you will find interesting NETS in the local area. If you have a favorite one and we don’t have it, or you find an error/update then email our club and submit an area net for our review. We may just like it and add it to our growing list.

Thursday Night HHARC Net
Join in at 8:00 pm on the HHARC 442.95+ PL118.8 Repeater or our 224.300- PL123.0 Repeater


  • 7:00 PM OhKyIn ARS Newcomers & Elmer’s Net 146.670- MHz PL 123.0 Hz K8SCH Repeater


  • 8:30 pm Southwest Ohio Emergency Preparedness net 145.110- MHz PL 67.0 Hz on 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month
  • 8:30 pm 6 M ragchew, 50.160 MHz USB
  • 9:30 pm Shortwave and Scanners Listeners’ Net 145.110- MHz PL 67.0 Hz


  • 8:00 PM Montgomery County ARES Training Net 146.640- MHz PL 123.0 Hz K8MCA Repeater; except on the second Tuesday of the month, in which case the net will be on the 444.250+ MHz PL 123.0 Hz Repeater


  • 11:30 am Over The Hill Gang Net on 223.94- MHz PL 123.0 HZ and 443.775+ MHz PL 131.8 Hz
  • 8:00 pm Ohio District 3 ARES Net on 145.110- MHz PL 67.0 Hz
  • 8:00 pm Beginner’s Net on 224.580- MHz and 444.785+ MHz PL 94.8 Hz


  • 8:00 PM Huber Heights Amateur Radio Club net 442.950+ MHz PL 118.8 Hz or 224.300- MHz PL123.0 Hz HHARC Repeaters


  • 7:00 PM The Miami Valley Football Net half hour before football games, net control Phil Thomas, W8RMJ on the 146.820- MHz PL 77.0 Hz WA8PLZ repeater (During the High School season)


  • 8:30 AM Monday – Friday, 52.525 MHz 6 Meter Net

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